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Vhiang Ping Group was founded by: Mr. Manas MONGTA in 1994. At first it was only a small car rental desk on the pavement of the Night Bazaar on Chang Klan Road, Mr. Manas started the car rental business with his 2 own cars, he collected more vehicles from friends who would like to earn some extra money. The numbers of cars increased to 12, Vhiang Ping Group has experiences in dealing with various kinds of customers from various kinds of occupations. It knows what its customers want. On the other hand, they also deserve what they pay for.


In 1999, Vhiang Ping Group initiated the concept of " World-class car rent at the Thai price" It began to look for a suitable location, which was more convenient for the tourists and which enabled it to provide better services.There,it established mechanical services for emergency calls as well as car care services.

Vhiang Ping Group envisions that convenient service is the most important. Whatsoever way the customers come to Chiang Mai, they just give it a call. Then, it'll be there to pick the customers up ahead of time, Vhiang Ping Group set its goals towards customers are it's most important people.

Vhiang Ping Group arranges its rental services according to intemational standards. This includes brand new cars with manual and automatic transmission and automatic transmission and 1 st class insurance. Customers can rely on it. Try Vjiang Ping car rental service, where impressing service is rendered by the very own Chiang Mai car rent.